▶ Product Overview
The turbine control and vibration monitoring simulator was the first in the world to integrate a turbine control simulator composed of GE Mark Vie and the RK4 Rotor Tool kit from Bently Nevada, It is a device that can simulate power plant turbine control or actual driving training in the same triple configuration as actual power plant You can also simulate the vibration of an actual turbine to simulate the cause of the vibration and train the emergency situation caused by the vibration of the turbine mechanism.

▶ Product Features
-Training for turbine operation simulation and operation is possible

-The Simulation of vibration occurring during turbine operation and analysis of abnormalityare possible.

-The by applying a triple system, you can test and verify operation program upgrade tests and problems.

-Turning gear operation, virtual oil pump test, speed control operation, analogue and digital input or output test is possible.
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