▶ Product Overview
The turbine simulator is a device for testing the health of a turbine control system based on a turbine modeling program Users can also verify the integrity of the system' s logic and hardware by connecting a simulator prior to installation or maintenance of the turbine control system to ensure reliable and reliable operation of the system.

▶ Product Features
-Custom System Configuration : The Turbine Simulator is built to match the system controller and I/O configuration used in the field, and can be selected from 19inch racks or portable type considering the external shape requested by the customer.

-500MW or higher steam turbine control system : The turbine simulator is designed and manufactured by modeling over 500MW steam turbine control system installed in nuclear power plant, thermal power plant and so on.

-Custom System Configuration : The turbine generator is designed to facilitate the connection of the field signals and the operation of the software for the convenience of the user.
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