▶ Product Overview
S-DAS provides performance verification through detection signal analysis of the speed detection sensor which can verify the abnormality of the speed detection sensor before installation on site. A drive unit including a gear, a drive motor for rotating the gear, And a plurality of radial gears disposed radially around the gear, And a speed detector installed at intervals to detect a speed signal. The speed A data processing unit for processing a speed signal input from the detection unit, The state of the speed detection sensor is displayed by analyzing the data inputted from the processing section, a driving operation com mand processing unit for controlling the driving unit.

▶ Product Features
-Designed for user onvenience : Regularly installed on-site sensors for speed detection Since the verification can be performed, the convenience of maintenance can be attained, Results can be saved and checked on demand, it is possible to manage the history of speed sensor, The deviation of the pulse signal input from the sensor and the reference signal The detection accuracy of the sensor for speed detection can be confirmed by analyzing

-Improved safety : Integrated console on the front panel added stability while minimizing the integration of the main PC space and exposing the motor drive switch to the outside.

-Ease of maintenance and storage : Door is installed on the side and rear so that it can be opened and conve-nient for operation and installation on the side, a moving knob and a movable wheel fixed support are added for added convenience.
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