▶ Product Overview
The linear displacement sensor (LVDT) installed to detect the linear displacement according to the degree of opening and dosing of the servo valve in the field requires precise output according to the moving distance for precise control Therefore, the field manager needs to check the integrity of the installed LVDT periodically. L-DAS verifies the linearity and sensitivity of the LVDT sensor through the patented technology of the performance check of the valve opening transmitter (patent number: No. 10-1542-211), thereby realizing precise control of the servo valve.

▶ Product Features
-Designed for user onvenience : It is designed to be easy to use by the user and it can be sit on the chair and has a storage space so that it can store analyzed data documents and maintenance tools.

-Simple and easy operation method : The installation of the sensor and the operation of the L-DAS program are simple, so the first-time user can easily view the manual and operate it.

-Ease of maintenance and storage : The handle and the wheel are installed on the product, so it is easy to move before and after use, and it is possible to keep it, and the components used for driving are installed on the rear part as Din Rail type for easy maintenance.
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